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A reading child has an edge.

    Parents who reared their children with a loving and caring motivation will eventually make the children competitive & alert in the future. It is their obligation to teach their children how to read & write as well as to shape their values & characters.

   If the child learns to read at an early age he or she will have an edge with understanding the things around him or her. The advancement of one child's learning process will help not only the parents but also the educators. It will also be easier to explain difficult things for him or her, including the right & wrong doings. Not only that ! by advance reading he or she will get high grades or even first in the class.

   Since they already gain knowledge from reading materials, it won't be hard for them to avoid the bad influences of youth. Especially, peer pressure. in the future, they will learn the changes they may encounter during their adolescent years. they will know how to prepare & face it with courage.

  The importance of reading is to provide knowledge & understanding. Humans can improve their  lives by learning from the mistakes of the past that is in scripted in History books. 

  As the child grows into adulthood he learns & gain knowledge that he may use as a tool in fulfilling his obligations as a human being. Soon, this reading child will take his part in the challenge of Globalization.
In the end this man in which "once upon a time a reading child" will author books that will shape the minds of future generation which leads them to be an asset of the world.

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A reading child has an edge., posted November 19th, 2012

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